The Chronicles of Arangar

This is a collection of short stories from the mythical Kingdom of Arangar. These are intended to be background for a full length novel and include the detail of a number of events from the history of the world.

The Dark Continent

Prince Kelvin is an adventurous young man who has spent most of his life travelling the kingdom with his personal guard, searching for excitement and adventure. Hearing the tales of the infamous dark continent, Kelvin resolves to mount an expedition to this uncharted land. Accompanied by Captain Keane and his loyal guardsmen, the young prince sets off across the sea, unaware of the hazards which await.

Birth of a Kingdom

For 20 years Scarn, the self styled battle king and lord of the mighty fortress city of Arran’s Guard, has waged war upon his neighbours. Every city he takes is given a simple choice: join him or die. The numbers of those who chose life now swell his army to vast numbers, and the last of the free cities is now under attack by his host. Seeing an end to his brutal campaign, Scarn’s thoughts must turn to setting the foundations of his legacy.

Other Stories

Other stories set in a variety of locations.

Eye of the Apocalypse

For Jeff, every day consists of the same boring routine. He has everything society tells him he should want, but it isn’t enough and he longs for something to change.
Unfortunately for him, his wish comes true as a lethal virus is unleashed on the world by the pharmaceutical company he works for. Finding himself in the front lines of the disaster, Jeff must deal with the symptoms of the virus first hand.