The long way home

After only a couple of days on the Isle of Skye, it was time to start my long journey back down south. Skye is a truly beautiful place, with great views in every direction from wherever you stand. Definitely somewhere to return to for a longer trip in the future.
Although quite sad to be leaving, I find it fairly easy to bear given I’m continuing my travels with a month in New Zealand from next week.

The journey back was deliberately meandering and made over several days, a suitably enjoyable end to a wonderful trip.
On the way I passed through the remote Ardnamurchan area near Fort William, the North Pennines and the Peak District. No major hiking, just short walks and sightseeing stops.


Day 1
Set off from the camp site at the Isle of Skye and headed back down to the Skye bridge. From there a gentle drive through the mountains between Skye and Fort William. Good roads through superb scenery, very pleasant.
Arrived at Fort William around lunch time and from there headed south to Corran and got the ferry over to the Ardnamurchan area. Drove along winding single track roads past Loch Sunart and the western edge of Loch Shiel to get to Doirlinn, home to the ruins of Castle Tioram.
Stunning location on the shore of Loch Moidart, apparently cut off from land during periods of high tide.
From there took a short walk along the rugged Silver Walk which runs along the edge of the loch through forest and along cliff edges. Fun place to walk, though on this occasion I only did a part of it.
Set off back to Corran and spent the night there at the Ardgour Inn.

Day 2
Set off from Corran back over the ferry, then headed east through Glencoe. Stopped for a walk in the woods around Signal Rock, a lovely place for a leg stretch.
Carried on towards and around the Trossachs, and after a brief stop in Callander to find a butchers had a decadent lunch of fillet steak cooked on the camp stove in a forested picnic area.
After lunch got back in the car and headed down to the North Pennines, stopping at the Langdon Beck off grid hostel.
Pretty boring drive once out of the highlands, back to long stretches of motorway. Also had a bit of trouble finding the hostel on pitch black roads, but once there found I had the place to myself.

Day 3
Set off from the hostel and stopped almost immediately at the High Force waterfall. Spectacular drop, particularly beautiful for being surrounded by autumn colour. Spent some time around the waterfall enjoying the fact that no one else was there yet.
From there a few hours drive down into the Peak District for a stop at the old favourite Padley Gorge. Been hoping to catch this place in the autumn for a while, unfortunately although the bulk of the landscape in the area had turned the gorge remained mostly green. No more than a week away from full colour. Some other time.
From there straight drive down the motorway to my journey’s end at my parent’s place in the midlands.
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